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Domovská stránka / Aktuality / Excessive operating costs identification in an application of the air extraction and air filtration

Excessive operating costs identification in an application of the air extraction and air filtration

Excessive operating costs identification in an application of the air extraction and air filtration


The main task of the air extraction and air filtration is to lead away polluted air from the source point portable dust into the filter plant – to fulfill the immission limit values. Dust particles are separated by that way, for the cleared air to be reaching the legislative given values of the residual dust outlet – to meet the immission limit values. There is expected a continual exhausting operation from the exhaustion with a warranted filtration effectivity and low operating costs. The actual operational characteristics of the whole technology are the result of design of the apportionable parts and their mutual cohesion. In the following paragraphs we shall introduce to you any basic characteristics having a significant influence on the exhausting technology operational costs



It creates the basic parameter for the technical design central exhausting of more machines. It designates the exhausting operation needed at maximum possible parallelism of the manufacturing technology. Based on parallelism of the manufacturing technology there is possible to design such an exhausting system, covering with its operation the requirements of manufacturing technology and in the same time it consumes no more energy than needed



The control system of exhaust operation by means of frequency modulation (FM) finds its exercise there, where the technology parallelism average value is low (k= 0,4 – 0,75), but there is possible to come the state k=1. The automatic control system of exhaust system is using the sensors, self-closing valves, control system and FM. The system is connected by electrical couplings with the manufacture technology and always provides the exhausting only there, where it is needed. This solution is bringing the saving of electric power within 30% – 60% compared to standard START (100%) – STOP (0%) in practice. 



The filter plant is one of the most important suction technology operative parts. In the filter plant there is the separation of dust particles from the exhausted air in progress. The most fundamental requirements on filter plant are as follows:
  • progress continuity while constant head loss => exhausting operation
  • filtration medium long working life (18 000 – 20 000 operating hours)
  • observance of the residual outlet values (EMISSIONS)
  • low operational costs namely for energies and filtration media change
There exist different types of filtration plants, specific by its dimensions, filtration medium class, type of regeneration etc. As much there exist large quantities of dusts, being specific by their composition and characters. The filter selection is a matter of supplier’s long practical experience, which should carry the ball for his decision. By a wrong choice of the filter type and its set-out may come to the situation, when the operation costs very quickly exceed the acquisition costs



Not less important part of the exhaust system represents the ventilating fan, namely the choice of its technical characteristics and that with respect to process layout and physical properties of the vacuum treated dust. The ventilation fan capacity is determined by two basis values: the quantity of exhausted air Q [m3/h] and supply pressure P [Pa]. The fan capacity for the ventilation must correspond with needs of the whole air-operated system. The disproportions between the air and pressure capacity of the chosen ventilating fan may result depending on its performance curve either in not reaching of the needed characteristics, or to the excessive consumption of the electrical power



The filtered air preparation can be lead away both into the outdoor environment (in summer) and back the hall side (in winter). Feeding back of the pure filtered air into the hall space provides both the balanced air balance in the hall and discontinuous saving of the heating energy. It is a matter of fact that the purity grade of the returned air is on a higher level, then the emission value rated. 



The filter plant chosen by the operator should provide:
  • observance of immission and emission values by its function
  • enabling saving of electrical power (kW), where the price of each one kW in addition represents the costs about 7000, - CZK in a year and one work shift
  • enabling saving of heating power about 100 000,- CZK in a year and one work shift by a low exhaust operation
  • warranty of filtration medium lifetime   18 000 – 20 000 operating hours
  • warranty of full filter plan guarantee in operation during  18 000 – 20 000 operating hours

Article writers:
Ing. Radek Veselý         CIPRES FILTR BRNO s.r.o.
Ing. Přemysl Pazdera   CIPRES FILTR BRNO s.r.o.
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